Michael Delle Consulting



Advisory Services

I am here to support on your journey into a growlingly digital world with advisory services from a practitioners perspective to build and transform Procurement and interfacing functions.

From opportunistic operation to conscious value creation.

Build and Maintain a World Class Category Management, Supplier Relationship Management, and Eco-System Management

Speed, Agility, and Simplification.

Transform Procurement organisations into best-in-class organisations with highly competent and acknowledged Individuals that actively contribute to companies’ value creation

From Customer to Human Centricity

Enable highly ambitious professionals to unleash their full potential

to build and attract top talents, to establish active relationship management (internal and external), and to implement Innovation Management


Coaching - People First.

On-site and remote sessions for Organisations, Teams and Individuals

Change- and Transition Management, Transformation of (global) organisations with increased complexity (i.e. Digitalization / Softwarization), Culture Change - Creation and Implementation of Vision and Strategy, Process Re-Engineering - Adopt to speed, agility and simplification demand, Transform organisations into organisms


Consulting - Speed, Agility, and Simplification

Situation Analysis and Description => Strategy Creation and Implementation Proposal => Implementation Consultancy => Revision and Refinement of Implementation

network inclusive


Mentoring - Human Centricity

Share and collaborate on advanced technologies and ways of working

Organisations of the future have to nurture and retain their top talents even more than ever before. VUCA times, increased speed of change, increased demand by complexity of engagements and rapid development cycles require agile, and highly adoptive, compassionate individuals that actively support drive change and create value. To achieve this it is vital to build and attract top talents, to create active relationship management (internal and external), and to establish and maintain permanent Innovation Management in and outside of the organisations.

To support the digital journey it requires a detailed Situation Analysis and Description of “as-is” and “to be”, this is an inclusive process using Design Thinking Principles to find the right mindset for the change. Conducting Innovation and Change Workshop help to create a Vision, Strategy, and proposal to implement. Active Supervision and Consultancy during all stages of the Implementation set-off the revision and refinement of the journey.

‘Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.’

John C. Crosby

Build a support system, that allows the natural exchange of ideas, constructive advise, and inspire success.